Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can't wait to try this out.


In flight camera for reviewing trips and other high-speed outdoor activities.. Very cool.


Wow - My wife got a model of the Baron for Christmas present for me... This thing is incredible.


Looks like upgrades

Looks like we're getting Garmin GTN-750 upgrades for the avionics, includes an XM weather receiver for the GTN-750 and the GNS 530 as well as a remote audio panel. Good stuff...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

AOA Oil Analysis

If you use oil analysis from AOA, their bottles perfectly screw into the bottom of a Caterpillar oil analysis vaccuum pump. Makes life very simple when drawing samples for the lab..

First Time For Everything

Today, my oldest son was able to ride up front in the co-pilot seat with me. Usually someone is with me like my wife or another pilot so he gets deferred to the rear seat. It's rare that he and I get to have time where it works out that he can ride up there with the big boys. Well, he loved it but I think that I did more.

The other first was that on the return flight coming into Lexington today we were cruising at 4000 feet. Approach control asked us to slow down to "two zero knots". We were screaming at 200+ knots on the way back home. I love this plane.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Decal Removal

A few months ago, I purchased new decals from Screaming Aero Graphics for the exterior placards. Current project is involving the removal of those old decals that were worn out.

Looking for help on www.beechtalk.com on the plan of action for this project.

Oil Filter Adapters

We've upgraded our bird because of all of the time our businesses are putting on it. The original design had metal "Screens" for the oil filter rather than the typical paper filters we are all used to seeing. Well, I ordered up adapters that go down into the engine where the screens were and out of the engines to allow a connection for a paper spin on filter.

This will extend the length of our oil change interval by 25 hours doubling it. At about $200 per change we will break even in the next 4 changes (18 months). And we get modern filtering with paper filters.